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a mayor break in a serial arsonist. a suspect is in custody accused of torching the offices of the mayor. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. three fire, all suspicious. today police arrested a man who they say is responsible for all three. amber lee talks about the common link. >> reporter: the mayor's law office still boarded up, the
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latest fire. he's accused of setting the mayor's law office on fire. followed by another fire at taylor fire. lloyd felt these businesses had wronged him in regards to his mother's death. >> i met him in the process of handling his mother's estate. >> reporter: the mayor told me that he met him 10 years ago. love tried to sue him later but the lawsuit was thrown out. still he had not linked love to the fire at his fire. >> reporter: did you suspect him all along? >> no i did not suspect him, i did not know who did it.
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>> he did provide enough information to assist us in this situation. >> i would say i'm not surprised about anything. you never know who's doing what and you never know what to expect. >> reporter: we asked police if love had a criminal history they would only say that they are familiar with him. reporting live here in vallejo, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. happening now, crews with the san francisco puc are working on treasure island to fix a water main break. happened around 7:00 tonight right in front of the main great on the island. it appears that most of treasure island is without water service at this time. we're talked to a puc spokesperson about 30 minutes ago and he said it is not clear how long it'll take to fix the break or how long the water service is going to be done. >> the alameda police have arrested the arrest of two
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teenager for the murder of a woman. one has been identified cody natosha and other is a 16-year- old. detectives say they left after the killing, had lunch, then returned to the home and set it on fire. >> later on that evening they realized there was a dead body in this home and they may have left some evidence behind. >> the two suspects appeared in court but did not enter pleas. both teenagers are being tried as adults. the fire started in a home in andover street and quickly spread to a neighbor's house causing nearly half a million dollars in damage. 16 people were displaced. one went to the hospital with burns. investigators said they quickly determined that the fire was
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suspicious but so far are not releasing any details about the two suspects. hot dry santa ana winds span add brush fire in san bernardino county. tonight that fire is contained. it burned 340 acres of brush but no homes were threatened. the santa ana winds are expected through sunday. now to our world series coverage and today's send off for san francisco giants as the team plane left sfo. if you've seen the san francisco skyline lately you know it's an orange october as night local landmarks are glowing orange no honor of the giant's return to the world
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series. and downtown, noelle walker with a look at how the city is getting into the spirit. >> reporter: every good party needs some mood lighting so check this out, we have a theme going here. so we asked the experts how did they do that? san francisco has a reputation for being a colorful city but at night it's just one color. >> we call it giant's orange. >> reporter: jim kidd is electrician at the auditorium. where they change lights more often than the seasons. >> that's st. patty's day right there. >> reporter: they use spotlights to give the auditorium its light. >> we try to do what city hall is doing so we can match. >> reporter: san francisco is
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wash in orange. >> today is going to be fantastic. >> reporter: john hunkiewicz made coit tower look like a orange pop cicle. sitting the color orange is sate to stand for vitality and endurance. >> while the giants keep winning they will stay orange. >> reporter: noelle walker. >> the world series picks up with game three tomorrow in detroit. the first pitch coming at 5:07 our time. while the team is away, san francisco city officials are gearing up for a big event coming up in 15 minutes, the
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plans that some don't want to discuss because of superstitions. we have developing news tonight from the south bay, police in campbell say they've caught a serial bank robber thank to a ktvu viewer. police say a tip from that viewer led them to 43-year-old tony piavesin of campbell. police say he is the same man seen in these pictures from a bank surveillance camera. they say the so called beanie bandit did not display a weapon, he just gave the teller a note. >> what we'll do is we'll go out there and it's always if you have like a high profile visibility is more of a reduction or also likelihood of crime not occurring. oakland police and the
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highway patrol announced the partnership today at a news conference. the chp says it will have officers work overtime. the two agencies have worked together before, they teamed up from 2007 to 2010 as part of a gang reduction task force. it is hoped the election coming up in ten days will provide clarity about the status of education funding here in california. in the meantime there's only uncertainty. as rob roth tells us, it has one school posting two schedules. holway needs to take a statistics class. and she learned that her school may be offering fewer statistics team which could shut her out. >> basically have me on hold and i'm trying to finish so i
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can get a job. >> reporter: they've posted online a unique class schedule. the classes offered in red will be offered if governor brown's tax measure passes next month along with measure i a 28- dollar a year pass. >> the reality is, now that it may take a student beyond six years, seven, eight years or more to be able to get a seat in the classes that they need. >> reporter: students say they appreciate knowing in advance what's at stake but some fear their future is in doubt. this student wants to become a history teachers but history classes are red lined. support is declining with now less than 50% of those surveyed
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in favor of it. at chabot college in hayward, rob roth. muslims around the world and here in the bay area are marking a solemn yet joyous holiday. thousands of muslimswent to the santa clara county fairgrounds to celebrate the festival with food and fun for the kids. the religious holiday celebrates abraham. public money spent in questionable places. >> obviously there's some questions. >> the mayor of oakland's response to our extensive port investigation. >> the fun has begun, we'll take you to halloween celebrations all over the bay area and the costume trend that has arrived. >> things are starting to warm
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up all over the weekend, i'll have your weekend forecast.
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continuing coverage now of our ktvu investigation into questionable spending at the port of oakland. now the mayor of oakland is weighing in. she talks to eric rasmussen about what we've already uncovered including the
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spending of funds that offers private massages by women. >> reporter: it's where the port of oakland's international marketing manager dunnigan spent $550 for a meeting. >> we have people come to do a love connection here. >> you have a love connection here? >> yes. >> reporter: we asked mayor jean quan about it. >> i texted him last night when i saw your report last night, we'll look into it. >> reporter: they've already found $4,300 spent at a houston strip club and other questions that have put the executive director on leave. quan believes the executives she's hired will come to the
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end of the investigation. lawrence dunigan was reimbursed $1,500 for what he labeled entertainment. some say it's an acceptable part of doing business. but union workers locked in a battle with union ports are dispointed. >> the arrogance, i guess this is the way to do business but it's not okay. it honestly isn't okay. >> reporter: we reached out to lawrence dunnigan but we did not receive a supply. while the port of oakland says it has no evidence of any criminal activity it has hired an outside law firm to assist in their investigation. eric rasmussen. new details about a teenage girl found dead along the san mateo coastline. cathy qui was considered a run away, she also ran away back in april. qui's body was found sunday,
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she is a senior at san gregorio high school. >> she tutored me last year in chemistry and she was really helpful. i didn't know anything and she was helping me throughout the whole process. >> reporter: a facebook page has now been created in her memory. the coroner says it will take two weeks to confirm how she died but that there are no signs of foul play. there is new information tonight about the man shot and killed by a highway patrol officer on wednesday. it happened in lake county. a female chp officer pulled over the driver of a stolen car. she says she and the driver got into a physical fight. he allegedly tried to strangle her so she fired her gun killing the man. he was homeless with a long criminal record and was a registered sex offender. two victims in a deadly plane crash in contra costa county were identified today. the coroner's office says 57- year-old david beanie was the
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pilot and larry stroger was a passenger in that experimental aircraft. beanie's son says his father used that aircraft every day to commute to palo alto. the board of trustees voted unanimously to make -- that decision early this morning following a marathon meeting. the move is expected to save city college $2.5 million a year. the school is struggling with a major budget deficit and is in dangerous of losing in accreditation. there are only five days until halloween, but maureen naylor has discovered the celebrations have begun. she's live with the trend that costume shops were not able to prepare for. >> reporter: we want to show you the line of people waiting
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to get in. tonight haunted houses are busy, trick or treaters are already out and costumes are out. >> the dressing room has a line, the cash register has a line. everything is really popular,. >> i'm going to be big bird because i was inspired by the debate. >> and i'm going to be romney. >> reporter: several websites list the adult costume as sold out and out of stock in downtown campbell tonight those already with costumes filled the sidewalks including little monkeys, pumpkins and a 2 -month-old monster. this family of sesame street characters picked their
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costumes before the debate. >> we had ordered it but we didn't know that it was going to be so popular so now it has double meaning. >> avocados. yeah. >> and what are mommy and daddy? >> chips. >> reporter: as lou said, she dressed as an avocado, her parents chips. >> we're going to put a sticker that says organic california avocado. >> organizers expect more than a dozen visitors this weekend alone. and volunteers are going around scaring people one will tell me she won't even go through because she's so scared of it herself. maureen naylor. preorder day has arrived for the new i pad mini and already one version has sold out. the white version of the mini has sold out. customers who can't wait will have to stand in line to get a white i pad mini when they
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arrive in stores. the black i pad mini is still available for preorder and is expected to ship by november second. wall street ended a week of disappointing earnings but just barely. the dow gained three points the nasdaq gained one. over all the markets lost ground this week with the dow pauling more than 230 points. there was one positive economic point, thanks in large part to consumer spending. the gross domestic product rose. it was better than analysts expected. temperatures did warm up today we had mid-70s. upper 70s, 75 in liver mother, it was warmer today as we head to your bay area saturday. warmer still, some of these cities like fairfield and antioch, we could see upper 70s and low 80s so warmer for your saturday. maybe some patchy fog along the
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coast but very little. the overnight lows last night they were very cold. we had upper 30s in some of the our coldest spots. today it was chilly but not as cold. one of the chillier spots 58. when i come back at 10:45 we're going to take a look at the forecast for detroit because there's some very cool temperatures on tap for game three of the world series and we'll have your basic bay area forecast. three central california beaches are back open after a fatal shark attack but there's a new warning at the beach where it happened. visitors greeted with a new warning sign that says enter the water at your own risk. on tuesday, a 39-year-old surfer was killed in the waters near bandenburg air force base. coroners measured the bite marks on the man's board and
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determined it was a 50-foot white shark. we like where we are at but we know we have a lot of work to do. >> the giants are only half way there but already there's preparation for the possibility of a victory parade. the plans being made while the team is on the road.
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officials showed off their progress in the warm springs extension process. the media got a look at the new extension product in fremont central park. the tunnel is not quite a mile long, this is one of the few times the public will be allowed to walk through it. the b.a.r.t. station is scheduled to open in the spring of 2013. a reminder for bay area
10:24 pm
drivers, the san mateo bridge will be open but should expect delays. the planned closure was cancelled this week because the work was finished ahead of schedule. however two lanes will be shut down, that will leave just one lane open in both directions. the lane closure will allow crews to put the finishing touches on that extension. and two games, two to go in the hopes for san francisco's clench of the world series. >> reporter: with two world series wins under their belt, the san francisco giants hit the road for detroit. >> we're excited, believe me. the guys got some rest last night. we're heading to detroit. we'll relax tonight and get the first game there and we like where we're at but we know we
10:25 pm
have a lot of work to do the city of san francisco also has a lot of work to do. the city wants to televise the games in the plaza. people gathered to watch on a giant screen tv as the giants clenched the world series title in texas. >> we happen to request in to mayor league baseball, we do need their permission to air it. if we get that permission we can air it sunday or monday, the game has to be away and it has to be a clencher. >> of course i would love to come out here and support the team. >> reporter: more than a million people lined san francisco streets in 2010 to welcome home the world series winners. public safety agencies are now looking at this afteraction parade report. it details what went right and what went wrong. it calls for better preplanning and more access lanes for the disabled and medical personnel. >> we're going to coordinate as a city to pull something off having quickly but nobody wants to talk about it yet because we
10:26 pm
don't want to jinx ourselves. >> also, the city has brought in this cell service truck for when people are crowded in during the games. beauty shots of the city are considered great advertisement for the city. one pool found 98% of visitors to san francisco say they want to come back. tourism is an $8 billion business for the city. two children and their mother killed inside their own home. the massive show of support tonight for a northern california family. after a channel 2 report this tailor and many area residents find relief from prostitution. how the city of lafayette is cracking down on massage parlors. i thought of something else we need for the baby.
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they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you. hurricane sandy is starting to stir up waves and wind along the florida coast and the worse is yet to come. forecasters say the storm will move up the eastern seaboard it's expected to make land fall any where from the chesapeake bay to southern new england on monday or tuesday and if that's not enough, the storm could merge with another system and become a monster. the so called perfect storm. >> i'm just taking precautions, 75 yards off the river, full moon tide, hurricane, a lot of wind. it's going to come it's just a matter of how much. >> more than 66 million people are in the potential path.
10:30 pm
crews are doing what they can. they are piling up sand on the beaches and in some cases mandatory evacuations orderers orderers -- orders are already in place. >> there's a real potential for some real damage. >> it's going to be a big deal. it'll be the headlines as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday. let's look at hurricane sandy. it's a category 1. it's not a perfect storm, it's perfect storms. here's the hurricane. as they move up the east board. usually they get up toward the carolinas, they kick up and go into cooler water. up here to the west there's a colder storm. this is a winter type storm, this is a summer type storm. they're going to merge up. it's going to pull the hurricane right over washington, d.c. at that point the cold air and warm air
10:31 pm
collide, it's the perfect storm, it really is. six to 12-inches of rain. gusts up to 8 miles per hour. this is going to go sunday, through tuesday and even into wednesday. heavy rain, i think the headline, power outages. there's going to be a lot of wind. it's like if you throw a category one hurricane and roll it right over washington, d.c. and new york city. big populated area. mark tamayo is here, rosemary orozco are here, they'll be tracking this hurricane. the city of lafayette is cracking down on the world's oldest profession. >> reporter: this east bay city's motto is love lafayette, but officials are cracking down on people who take that message too far. >> it would literally turn your stomach to see what was going on. >> reporter: i did a report eight months ago in which we
10:32 pm
exposed the possibility of prostitution at two massage parlors two of which we toured. >> we are here normally massage. legally massage. only massage. >> reporter: officials then took a look at that space melody massage. >> we sent officers into those massage parlors, and not surprisingly they were offered more than a massage. >> they also followed men and found that it included sex offenders and others. this man owns a tailor shop next door and has watched the
10:33 pm
activity. >> everybody now feels safer. everyone people in the back. >> i am thankful that police department is enforcing this. >> reporter: police say monday is the deadline for massage businesses to be properly licensed and registered other wise they could end up like this one shut down for good. in lafayette, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. last call is about to come earlier at one downtown walnut creek hot spot. a curfew has been set at royal way. the curfew prohibits the club from serving alcohol after 11:00 p.m. that's more than two hours earlier than the current last call of 1:15 a.m. the walnut creek planning commission says it will review the situation after 90 days and the curfew could be lifted. a couple with bay area ties is mourning the loss of two young children which police say
10:34 pm
were stabbed and killed. the children's mother returned home last night to find her 2- year-old son and 6-year-old daughter dead. their nanny, jocelyn ortega was suffering from knife wounds and tonight she remains in a coma. neighbors were emotional as they placed items at a makeshift memorial outside the family's apartment building. >> i have two young children myself and this just hits really close to home. it's unimaginable. it's a tragedy and i feel so terrible for this family. >> reporter: neighbors said that kevin crim and his family had moved to new york about two years ago after crim left his job at yahoo. here about 5,000 people showed up at rancho cordova to remember a mother and her two children killed this week allegedly by an inlaw. the crowd packed the bethny church for a memorial in honor
10:35 pm
of a mother and her two children. the suspect was charged today with three counts of murder. now to our election 2012 coverage. at a nighttime rally in colorado ohio romney told supporters president obama is not the man to lead the country for another four years years. >> you see he's reelected you're going to have the status quo. he calls it forward, i call it forewarned. >> romney is off to florida while ryan continues to campaign in ohio. >> it's always america is in decline, america is not in decline, you're in denial. >> reporter: as for the democrats, vice president joe
10:36 pm
biden hit the trail in ohio, president obama spent the day in washington, d.c. and coming up in eight minutes we sit down with a group of northern california voters, what's on their minds as they pick a president and help shape the future of the nation. more bad news tonight for hockey fans what we've learned about plans for a full nhl season. the giants in detroit later in sports what ryan vogelsan had to say about starting tomorrow in game three. >> i'm going to have the forecast for game three, i think you're going to be surprised on how cool the temperatures are going to be and of course we have the bay area weekend, see you back here in a few minutes, police are on the scene of a shooting that sent a man and woman to the hospital. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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developing news from san francisco where two people were shot in the bay view district tonight. police tell us the victims are a man and a woman and that it happened a few minutes after 9:00. the victims were in the 1,400 block of thomas avenue just a few blocks of third street. they were both taken to san francisco general hospital. one apparently suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, the other was shot in the arm. investigators are trying to
10:40 pm
fine out what led to that shooting. a sonoma county jury convicted a 31-year-old man for the killing of musician tucker. tucker was a bass player. raul vega shot tucker, they say it was a case of mistaken identity. vega thought tucker was a member of a rival gang. vega is also accused of killing a teacher last year. all this comes one day after a league imposed deadline passed for a deal with the players union which could have allowed for the full 82 game season. nhl owners have pulled their offer of a 50/50 revenue split off the table. there are reports tonight that san francisco based current tv may be up for sale.
10:41 pm
the media company has hired jp morgan to assess options for their future. they include being sold or partnershipped with another media group. current tv was founded in 2005 by al gore and businessman joel hyatt. there are rumors that microsoft may buy netflix. that is up 13% or $8 per share. a reminder that you can stream ktvu news on the go. download the ktvu app, click on the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live right on your mobile device. in news of the world tonight in syria a four day seize fire didn't last long. two car bombs killed at least
10:42 pm
13 people, and scattered fighting reportedly left 30 people dead. still that is much less than the average report of 50 deaths. in italy a court convicted former prime minister silvio modisconi of tax evasion. he denounced the conviction and called it politically motivated and intolerable. and in england miraculous that is how the father of a pakistani teenage tkpwerl who was shot in the head is describing her recovery. the family was reunited at the hospital last night. malala yousefi was flown to
10:43 pm
england for treatment. doctors say that she did not suffer brain damage. the taliban shot her for her support of education for women. bill martin is working on his complete bay area forecast and the next chance for rain. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins. vote yes on thirty-eight. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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by most accounts the upcoming presidential election is going to be close. >> reporter: sunrise south tracy. first light, people are up working and eating.
10:46 pm
this is four corners diner on a thursday morning. >> who's a taxpayer? >> everybody has to give a little bit. >> our energy situation, shutting down coal mines. >> they are stern concerned facesover farmers, businessmen, retirees, republicans and democrats talking presidential politics and the future of our country all while sipping coffee that still costs about a buck. >> who did you vote for four years ago? >> i voted for obama. >> what are you going to do now? >> and i tell you what i'm a republican. i've been a republican 50 years. >> one hour east of the city dominated by liberal politics there's conversation going similar to that in battleground states. >> obama is reelected at the end of the next four year we'll be so far in debt they'll be taking half of our product to pay the debt. >> reporter: the economy and the way its shaped is quite
10:47 pm
critical but it does not mean that they don't have an opinion about what is happening overseas. >> you have osama bin laden though, right. >> well, so what. i mean so he got osama bin laden. >> it's not easy, it's not easy you see what's going on in the middle east. that transition is going to take decades. but we've started it. >> reporter: they are seven men from which we polled. how many of you are going to vote for romney? >> reporter: three raised their hands for romney, three for obama and one undecided. >> to me that's what makes this country. >> reporter: a country that allows its people to vote for its leader. a country where every vote counts for every candidate. >> reporter: are you going to give romney the chance? >> i can't give him a chance. >> reporter: whether it's a swing state, a red state or a blue state the obama-romney debate is cooking in diners
10:48 pm
like this one across america. >> so if you kill business what kind of government do you have? you have a broke government. >> i know these guys keep saying mitt romney is a businessman but i don't think that he's a small businessman. >> reporter: and as this conversation goes the clock ticks and the final count down to election day is under way. mike mibach, ktvu news. employees at the san francisco -- workers would turn off air-conditioning in clean rooms at night even though they were supposed to be climate controlled. so far 338 people have gotten sick from the outbreak and 25 have died. in a little bit of fog is showing up at the coast tonight it's just getting there right
10:49 pm
now. the winds at the golden gate bridge are coming out of the west and south at three. so it's this direction. i have a little bit of fog showing up. it's going to be fairly dense tonight. that fog is going to go away tomorrow. it's there right now but it will likely be gone in the morning. they had a red flag warning in effect, they dropped that now. that's good news for southern california. for us we had that rain over the weekend. fire conditions they are always high this time of year. but they're much better than they could have been. current conditions 59 in santa rosa, 69 in concord, 60 in livermore, highs on sunday are going to be in the mid-70s, upper 70s and low 80s. so a warmer weekend as high
10:50 pm
pressure dominating the landscape around here. what fog is here tomorrow morning is going to scour away pretty rapidly. that allows san francisco zoo about 65 degrees, 68 degrees and in the inland valleys it'll be in the upper 70s, low 80s. the computer model everything stays north weather wise. a little bit of patchy fog off our coast and in the afternoon it brings the fog back. then a repeat of what we saw saturday again on sunday. so what happens? next couple of days it's going to be reallily nice. a lot like today, a little more fog and a little more warmer. just replay today in your mind and add a few degrees. you're going to game three, it is going to be cool. this morning you woke up it was 43-degree. this game starts at 8:00 it's going to be in the low 40s. 42degrees so remember how cold it was this morning that's what they start the game in. at about the seventh or 8th inning, 38 degrees. just a few degrees above freezing. so it's going to have an impact
10:51 pm
on the game. it's very cool, that time of year it'll be interesting to see how that all plays out but definitely cooler weather: as much as 30 to 40 degrees cooler than they're used to playing because they're used to playing in balmy weather. 71 in san francisco. your bay area weekend in view, the big story is going to be the giants, obviously we talked about that but we're also looking at that big storm along the coast. >> that is the real deal. >> big deal. >> all right, thanks bill. >> bill, thank you. the rolling stones give a preview of their 50th anniversary concert and you won't believe what fans paid to see them.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
the rolling stones giving a little preview of their fifth anniversary shows. the stones performed in paris, fans started to line up for tickets that cost less than $20 a piece. they've also hinted at more shows down the line. joe is here for mark tonight. and we're going to talk about
10:55 pm
the giants because the game again is tomorrow. >> the venue changes for the giants and the tigers. this was travel day. giants had it all going in game two. no better example than the double by young. prince fielder out in first. fielder waved around the trailer on the cut off marco scutero made the perfect throw to the plate where posey put the tag on scutero. tomorrow's game three from detroit ryan vogelsan will are take the mound for the giants. vogelsan has been their most effective runner. giants are on a role but they know they've won nothing yet. >> we're definitely not taking this 2-0 for granted we want to come out here and play the type of baseball we've been playing over the last six days and try and win as soon as possible. they're a dangerous team over
10:56 pm
there we know that. every guy in that locker room knows that. so we just have to keep playing the way we've been over the last six. >> reporter: vogelsan will be opposed by sanchez. sanchez lost to the a's in their postseason series this year but struck out seven new york yankees in game two of detroit's four game sweep as the yap keeps in the alcs. sanchez went seven shut out innings this that day and will hope to turn around. >> tomorrow we need to start over. we need to forget what happened in san francisco. i know we have the talent that's why we're here. we have a pretty good team so we're going to fight it to the end. we have a long way to go. the bay valley league for the high school game of the week. deer valley of antioch. deer valley led 7-0. then freedom got early. mays with a lot to daniels and they were tied. daniels is the guy who does it
10:57 pm
all for the falcons he's on the receiving end. going 57 yards before he's brought down inside the five. that led to another falcons touchdown. daniels 11 catches for 144 for the night. mays throws one out for young who outjumps the defender made it 21-7 freedom. freedom clenches at least a tie for the lead title with a 34-14 win. the falcons are 7-2 over all, deer valley is 6-3. another big day in bay area sports tomorrow. we will see you then. >> all right, joe thank you. >> can't wait. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> mornings on two begins at 7:00 a.m. they will be following the convergence of s.w.a.t. teams in the bay area for a training session. and we're always here for you
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on and mobile ktvu.
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proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1.

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